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  • Elegant sleeveless overall. In front of the neck decorative teardrop button closure. Down overall classic, side pockets. Additionally included is a decorative strip. Fastened at the back of the indoor slider

    249,00 zł
  • Elegant, assumed dress with ¾ sleeves. On the back fastened with an indoor slide. Dress has a lining.

    179,00 zł 269,00 zł
  • Dress of simple cut sleeveless. Ruffles on the dress make the perfect opacity and add elegance dress. On the back fastened with an indoor slide. Dress has a lining.

    174,30 zł 249,00 zł
    Reduced price!
  • Stylish dress with ¾ sleeves, minimalist style will fit on many occasions. The front decorative chain. On the back fastened with an indoor slide. Dress has no lining.

    175,00 zł 229,00 zł
  • Dress fitted, sleeveless, with a neckline. Creases on the dress make the perfect coverage and add elegance dress. With the ass fastened to the indoor slider. Dress has a lining.

    188,30 zł 269,00 zł
    Reduced price!
  • Elegant dress with pleated bottom. The back dress is fastened on the inside slider. It has a lining.

    202,30 zł 289,00 zł
    Reduced price!
  • Elegant sleeveless overalls. Front zip fastened. Bottom of the classic suit, side pockets.

    269,00 zł
  • Fitted dress with short sleeves. In front of an ornamental brooch, which can be removed. On the back fastened with an indoor slider. Ideally dress matches the jacket "Ginewra."

    189,00 zł 239,00 zł
  • Simple, classic cut. Jacket matched to the body with ¾ sleeves. It has pockets. Fastened with a hook.

    160,30 zł 229,00 zł
    Reduced price!
  • Dress with short sleeves. The front decorative tabs. Buttoned up with a an indoor slider.

    179,00 zł 229,00 zł

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Rylko Fashion is Polish company producing womenswear. Creating solid and exceptional clothes whose the smallest detail is carefully well rounded is our passion. It is extremely important to us that every potential client, even the most fastidious one, would be able to find in our collection the product for herself, which not only would satisfy her because of the quality and the performance but which also would delight her with the design. Rylko Fashion is not just Polish brand, but above all -what is our pride - Polish product! All production steps – first of all the designing, than the construction, choosing the perfect fabric and finally the sewing – take place in Poland. We strive to make our products characterized by the durability so we use both the Polish and Italian high-quality materials.

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